Oliva Drama

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Oliva Drama is a non-profit theatre association formed in 2014 in Oliva, Valencia. We are a small group of around 50 members and have performed regularly over the last 6 years in and around Oliva to entertain English-speaking audiences in the area.

We put on short productions several times a year – and have lots of fun preparing at our regular Saturday morning rehearsals at the Pensionistas in Oliva.

So far, we have performed in pantomimes, plays, murder mysteries, variety shows and dinner theatre, as well as making appearances at local cultural and charity events. We are pleased to have donated several hundred euros to local charities already.

Many of us had no previous theatre experience and have enjoyed learning new skills along the way, from acting to script writing, marketing, costume making and backstage help.

If you’re interested in joining our lively group, email us at Oliva Drama.

You don’t need to be an opera singer or a professional dancer, the most important thing is a positive attitude!

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Oliva Drama is a multicultural group, collaborating through the creation of an open, positive and productive atmosphere that empowers, encourages and excites members to develop and achieve their full potential – be it acting, singing, dancing or with critical behind the scenes skills.
We engage, inspire and entertain audiences through quality theatre and other events, ranging from classical, comedy, musical to vaudeville, where our high standards reflect our commitment to excellence in all areas of production and theatrical performance.


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